Luoyang 3 year old boy fell off the bed on the floor of the toy car into the boy’s head 音羽かなで

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Luoyang 3 year old child fell out of bed on the toy car is inserted into the head boy Dahe · Luoyang Dahe reporter Shao client Keqiang correspondent Ding Songwen Figure 3 year old boy playing at home, accidentally fell out of bed, unexpected is on the floor of the toy car became hiddendanger, playing the shaft the car into the bar with the boy’s head, not out of the situation facing the doctor. Under the crisis, Luoyang fire early to the hospital rescue, the current rotating rod has been removed, the boy is being treated. For the 3 year old boy head is inserted into the toy car medical problems today (14 days) at 0:41 in the morning, Taiyuan Road, Luoyang City Fire Brigade squadron command center received a transfer of the police said surgery the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Science and Technology, a boy toy car is the shaft rod is inserted into the skull, life is in danger, the doctor to go all the way, all unable to remove the toy car, request the fire brigade at the scene disposal. After receiving the order, the squadron rescue officers rushed to the scene. 0:44, rescue workers arrived at the hospital surgical floor of the operation room, the surgeon said that the boy is 3 years old this year, live in the red Shan, because of his play on the bed when he fell out of bed, just be left on the ground of the toy car is inserted into the shaft rod, "we only have to put the toy car off in order to implement the operation, the boy, because the toy car shaft rod is hard, plus limited rescue tools, but we had to report to the police the firefighters arrived at the scene disposal." According to the doctor’s description, squadron commander Song Yaohui quickly led the rescue workers wearing sterile surgical gown came to the operating room. After the examination, the boy left the toy car into the skull about 20 cm long, 8 cm wide, which belongs to the heat cured rubber plastic, the car turned into the shaft left intracranial, if not will cause danger to the rapid disposal of the boy. Fire rescue guest "doctor" 15 minutes to remove the toy car according to the site, commander quickly ordered the assistant captain Wang Dali has rich experience in the implementation of the rescue rescue. According to the structure of the toy car, Wang Dali uses a plum screwdriver into the toy car engine off, to prepare for the subsequent use of cutting pliers to shear to create space. Two minutes later, as the engine was dismantled, rescuers began to use small nippers implement shear on the toy car exterior plastic, because plastic toy car belongs to the hot glue plastic in the shear process of the toy car due to shake, shaking the toy car drives the rotating shaft, will be the two time to bring harm to the boy’s head the shaft rod, rescue workers had to use the tiger clamp inside the toy car, toy car to prevent shaking. Time delay for a minute, will bring danger to the boy. After the plan was finalized, two fire officers and soldiers to carry out rescue, a person in charge of the shear plastic, a person responsible for the fixed rotating shaft, a second time in the past, rescue operations are in tension. After 0:55, closely cooperate with the rescue personnel, the toy car left front of the plastic was cut open a gap, you can use a large rescue nippers. Subsequently, rescue workers will be cut off and then remove the wheel, nut shaft rod with large cutting pliers, with a "click" sound, the nut was successfully cut off, officers and soldiers quickly put the toy car is removed, then the doctor operated on the boy. 9:30 in the morning.相关的主题文章: