LETV announcement no arrears to suppliers during the year to complete the injection of LETV pictures jcuv是什么车

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LETV announcement: no arrears to suppliers during the year to complete the film music as [TechWeb] into LETV reported today evening news November 8th, LETV several bursts of recent announcement, according to some reports, clarification, and film music as years to complete the injection to explain. No arrears to suppliers for the recent market events that "about ten billion LETV owed to suppliers refused the goods", "LETV shares plunge", "music in the United States in a car accident, LETV will crash it as big as the year’s" news, LETV announcement clarification. LETV announcement: no arrears to suppliers during the year to complete the injection of film music as LETV said, the first time the company internal self-examination and verification, the company currently operates all the normal line of the business are suppliers and maintain a good relationship of cooperation, does not appear so-called arrears to suppliers, no delayed wages, stop shipments to raise cash flow situation. LETV said that the individual media deliberately listed companies and music as the non-listed company system confused with the wrong logic affect investor sentiment, misleading investors. At present, the listed company LETV LETV mainly covers the music video, and watch as the cause of new music (music as TV), and before the media exposed the arrears to suppliers is mobile phone business LETV, this department is not in the listed company within the scope of business. For the music business model is defined as "internal money financial model", and analogy Delong reports, LETV said the reports first don’t know anything about music as ecology, secondly there is no professional at all, by attacking Delong alluding to attack the eco. Notice, the music as well as their own systems are described: music can be divided into listed companies (Music), non-listed company (LeEcoGlobal), automotive ecosystem three major systems. LETV core business is the music as the video, music, clouds and super tv. Announcement said LETV current financial situation is stable, healthy development. Film music as years to complete injection LETV today also made the announcement that is expected to inject LETV pictures project can not be completed in 2016, the founder of the valuation pricing, do not rule out the transaction prices are lowered may. LETV announcement: no arrears to suppliers during the year to complete into music studios, as for specific reasons, LETV said in the announcement, as the film from a major asset restructuring plan announcement has greatly changed the film music as the film industry market environment, in 2016 the domestic film market was significantly lower than expected, the third quarter year-on-year domestic box office decline. Due to the current market environment is the major asset restructuring program planning and a board of directors point has been changed greatly, based on performance commitments and valuation effect may, according to the existing schedule, is expected to this major asset restructuring can not be completed in 2016. The announcement also said that with this major asset restructuring counterparty to fully communicate, to fully protect the interests of shareholders from the listed and more for the smooth progress of the reorganization of the point of view, after careful research, the company and the major asset restructuring)相关的主题文章: