4 year old girl trying to put the baby into the stomach, the answer to all the heartbreaking! Sohu –

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4 year old girl trying to put the baby into the stomach, the answer to all the heartbreaking! Sohu mother and child who do not believe that the occurrence of!!! 4 year old girl put Bobbi into the body of a 4 year old half little girl bleeding was sent to the emergency room for emergency, the doctor surprised to find children below unexpectedly with two plastic legs stretched Bobbi doll in the process of diagnosis, because she put Bobbi into the vagina mouth doll. After the doctor took Bobbi out of the room and stitched up the tear, the doctor asked her why she wanted to do so. Her answer was heartbreaking. "The baby came into my stomach and then came out.". She was born, I will take good care of the baby, because I am a good mother." It is said that the child has more than once put Bobbi under. Then the child was sent to the children’s psychiatric treatment, children suffering from the disease with the parents of the child abuse, excessive abuse related. The child cried and said: "eat, take a bath, play, sleep and play……" Parents, in response to the child abuse. All the parents in the hospital have heard heart broken, what the children to suffer from masochistic disease? In China, parents of child abuse, is usually considered a bad way of education by the majority of people condemned, but still exists. A survey on family education in 26.4% parents agree "the child is wrong when playing is also good for children"; and another data show that 3.6% of the children at home often beaten, occasionally beaten up to 57.3%. Nanjing child abuse case in late March 31, 2015, Lee believes the unfinished homework and extracurricular reading lying cheating, Andy examination at home has to use the scratching harrow, rope skipping to beat Andy, Andy caused wide range skin contusion. By the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of forensic identification, Andy trunk, limbs and other parts of the body surface area of 10% contusion area, the damage already constitutes a minor level. After the incident, Lee in April 4 by the public security organs call after appearing in court for investigation, and truthfully confessed his crimes mainly. Prosecutors said Lee as a mother, because of family education improper way, intentionally hurt the victim Andy body, and caused the serious consequences of damage to Andy minor level, constitute the crime of intentional injury. Prosecutors believe that any citizen’s right to life and health are protected by law, minors because of their own need for social and family care. The defendant Li Zhengqin as Andy’s guardian, but in the process of education Andy, using violence, violation of the legitimate rights and interests of minors, hurt Andy’s physical and mental health, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. After reading these two cases, you are not as small as sad?! The thought that love children, did not expect to dig their own graves. Why do you want to hit a child? In addition to the parents also believe that "sticks under the dutiful son to this rotten rotten idea, the most important is the parents generally believe that children are their own private property. In fact, the question of corporal punishment is an endless argument in reality相关的主题文章: