2017 Qingdao auto Carnival next September grand debut yo te amo

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The 2017 Qingdao motor Carnival grand debut in September next year in September 22, 2017 -9 month 28 days, by the promotion of international trade China automobile industry branch, the Committee China sponsored international trade promotion committee Qingdao branch, Jimo Municipal People’s government, particularly in support of the 2017 Qingdao auto Carnival will be a grand debut at the Qingdao International Expo center. With the vigorous development of China’s auto industry, the area of the event will be more than 250 thousand square meters. From around the world, many well-known enterprises from all corners of the country will be gathered in this car fancier, witnessed a subversive and innovative build event. This event will be "intense future" as the theme, combining the show and activities complement each other, to create a diversified car cultural feast. With the development of science and technology and mobile Internet, the automotive industry is facing a storm. Part of the show will showcase the automotive industry new technology and outstanding achievements, at the same time through energy saving and environmental protection, intelligent life, independent innovation of new ideas and new concepts by new technology, display, mobile Internet and automotive consumers outline the fusion of the cars of the future world. The show will attract from domestic and foreign vehicle companies participating in promoting the development of the industry at the same time, between business and consumer pull in distance, to build the Yellow River to the north and East China brand the most complete, the most prominent feature, the size of the largest automobile exhibition. It is worth mentioning that, in the exhibition hall will also be staged a challenge, dynamic display, life experience, theatrical performances and other activities in one of the carnival. Here you will experience a roller coaster ride of passion, "Baja", "Dakar" type of off-road challenge, blood spray Bigfoot culture Zhang feel, with tens of thousands of friends and acquaintances, dance, rest in the golden beach stroll, I live in a leisurely campsites in the world from the horizon the taste of delicacy coast. This event is held in Qingdao International Expo Center Exhibition Hall, and is currently in the area north of the Yangtze River’s largest exhibition hall, maritime construction, total construction area of 260 thousand square meters, indoor exhibition area exhibition center about 140 thousand square meters, can accommodate more than 6 thousand standard booths, outdoor exhibition area of about 120 thousand square meters, is the best choice to host this event. The pavilion is located in Qingdao, Jimo, because of its unique transportation advantages, is the land of Qingdao to the country, throat". Jimo has developed since ancient times, known as the Millennium Business reputation. The history of "Jimo with the Rao, and Linzi and Yin Sheng sheng". The number of city population, covering the Jimo air traffic network alarming. China car ownership in the leading position in the world, only one in Shandong Province in 2015 car ownership statistics for 23 million 700 thousand vehicles, plus radiation to China northern and central provinces, the number of car users and enthusiasts will be a huge reservoir of events in Jimo". In addition to the unique geographical location, the coastal beach, gravel and other natural track conditions for the introduction of the event and the event provides a unique condition. I believe that the success of this car Carnival will be a strong impetus to the development of the automotive industry, promote the promotion of automotive culture, stimulating car consumption, bringing the audience a new participant!相关的主题文章: