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"13th Five-Year" construction land per unit of GDP decreased target decomposition to local energy — recently, the Ministry of land and resources jointly with the national development and Reform Commission jointly issued guidance, required to the provinces for the "13th Five-Year" in the unit GDP of construction land decreased by 20% target (area, city). At the same time, the region as soon as possible to reduce the target decomposition to the municipalities, counties, and five years to determine the bottom line and the bottom line of the target year decline, the implementation of the double bottom line control. Two ministries jointly issued "on the implementation of the" 13th Five-Year "unit GDP of construction land use area decreased target guidance" is put forward, by the end of 2020, to ensure the realization of the national construction unit GDP land area decreased by 20% target, the provinces (area, city) construction unit GDP land use area the rate of decline, the annual decline rate of not less than the "guidance" target, the release of the use of land resources and potential, to achieve the support of more large-scale economic growth with less resource consumption. The Ministry of land and land use management division is mainly responsible person said, "the Thirteenth National Economic and social development five year plan" requirements, 13th Five-Year period, the construction unit of GDP land area decreased by 20%. Based on this, the Ministry of land and development and Reform Commission in 12th Five-Year summed up the work of land saving and intensive use and analysis of "economic and social basis in 13th Five-Year" period of development and utilization of land resources, guidance of the implementation of the "13th Five-Year" construction unit of GDP by use of the target area decreased. The official further said that the decline of the target in the decomposition of the provincial level, according to a comprehensive, difference and the feasibility principle, considering the "13th Five-Year" period of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) the overall level of economic development, growth rate, industrial structure, land use factors such as the level of prediction, be reasonably reflected in the target decomposition. By taking into account the 13th Five-Year base year, 2015 construction land per unit of GDP factors and the "12th Five-Year" construction land per unit of GDP decreased speed, gives a further decomposition at the provincial level of "13th Five-Year". "Guidance" requirements, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) as soon as possible to further reduce the decline in the region to the municipalities and counties. The decomposition results in December 31, 2016 before the Ministry of development and reform commission. Drop target to ensure that the implementation of the "guiding opinions" put forward at the same time, the "13th Five-Year" period of the land and resources management departments and the Department of development and reform from the total control and revitalize the stock, market allocation, land use standards in seven aspects such as implementation supervision. (reporter Gao Wei Beijing report) (commissioning editor Du Yanfei and Wang Jing)相关的主题文章: