88Master of the small game every day to earn him a few points|Master of the small game every day to earn him a few points3

Small target competition earned him a few day master Phoenix Financial News April, the market received an inverted T K-line, intraday breakthrough, volume slightly enlarged. But late fall, the gem weak in Shanghai, there has been a lot of bad plate plate stock. The afternoon because of the lack of new relay plate to keep up with the concept of PPP article. Venue funds trying to launch rare earth, things and the reorganization of the resumption of stocks and other concepts, but the effect is not good, mostly down. Trading funds raid virus prevention concept, Lukang Pharmaceutical linear sealing plate. Money effect is reflected in the leading stocks. At the close, the stock index reported 3091.93 points, up 0.04% gem index reported at 2212.05 points, down by 0.49%.   master contest "the folk God" yesterday the layout of Sinoma opened pulled clear, half began to decline, the rebound in later suspended surplus to sell to buy Japanese earned over 1% fans. The layout of the new permanent Suzhou yesterday morning Dikaigaozou, the maximum rose over 8%, the afternoon of the new sector overall poor performance, callback, profit selling, fans to buy another $3%. On the same day, today a layout of the stock price of TRS, all day long near the small earthquake, a network security, cloud computing and other concepts.   "folk Warren 007" message contest master "libingxing1982" layout of the ingenic group yesterday, today’s volatility is not LBX: only sell fans to buy day to earn nearly 2%. In addition, LBX today, no other operation, in his own Facebook page to interact with the net friend said: to reduce and share in recent days, mainly through their losses in the future is also very confused, and sometimes we see the high cost of such losses will soften, not decisive, even wrong, I did it I hope to be like just start the month without a subscription that operates now, don’t worry. The outlook for everyone to buy the best advice, and I don’t agree, than my high cost too much, sometimes look at the situation than I can sell some early or late some can, but I sold the day before the close of the best we have to sell, there are still a lot of people holding the hands of Chinese films and a lot of losses, to this position no need to stop the convertible, the best day to do the difference, reduce cost. The stock market is very cruel, I am currently only on behalf of the past, but also hope to have a good understanding of my previous operations. Fans have a message, do their own, Lee, such as hard. The stock market has gone up and down, the mentality is very important, this is the same for everyone, this is the equity market place.   "libingxing1982" message reminder: recently received occasional users feedback messages, most of which are due to the background data show the user mobile phone terminal, recommend regular shutdown restart your mobile phone, mobile phone and SMS regularly clean up the memory space, and do not download mobile phone software with interception function. Welcome to contact customer service at any time. The operation of the master, help their success. Monthly subscription. Subscription time from the subscription to the success of the calculation, such as: monthly subscription success, the calculation time for the month to month &nb;

35The European banking sector risk mitigation banking risk _ European sina finance _ sina.com.cn|The European banking sector risk mitigation banking risk _ European sina finance _ sina.com.cn5

The European banking sector risk mitigation | banking | Europe | risk _ sina finance _ sina.com.cn the sina finance opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) agency column Pangu think tank, author Zhang Ming, Zheng, Wang Yuzhe, Yang Xiaochen, Zhou Liansheng the macroeconomic environment, the European economy temporarily stabilized, the overall improvement in the external environment, conducive to the European banking sector the risk gradually resolved. In terms of the ability to resist risks, the capital adequacy ratio of European banks has been increasing year by year, and it also reflects the strong overall risk resisting ability in the stress test. However, the European banking crisis has obvious localization trend. Frequent short-term political risks, the need to guard against political black swan event and the debt crisis superimposed on the regional economy caused greater damage. European banking risk mitigation, the European banking industry as a whole to mitigate the risk of temporary stabilization of the European economy, improve the external environment of the banking sector. Since the subprime mortgage crisis and the European debt crisis, the European banking industry has always been at the brink of crisis. With the gradual improvement of the economic basis, foreign assets and liabilities from the banking industry since March this year, the rally (Figure 1), from a structural point of view, although the government debt is still obvious, but with gradually narrowing the income gap (Figure 3). The gradual recovery of the credit of residents and business sectors (Figure 2) also objectively reflects the downward trend in the unemployment rate (Figure 4). Therefore, the European banking industry at this time of the macro and micro environment is conducive to gradually defuse the risk. European banking capital adequacy ratio gradually increased, the higher the margin of safety. Since 2010, the European banking sector has accumulated more than 260 billion euros of supplementary capital, capital conditions improved significantly. According to the European Banking authority (EBA) released the 2016 stress test results (Table 1), the European banking sector by the end of 2015 ordinary shares of capital adequacy ratio (CET1) was 13.2%, in extreme cases, the number will be reduced to 9.4% in 2018, but still higher than the Basel protocol for III. Figure 1: eurozone banking sector external assets and liabilities data sources: Wind, PRIME. Figure 2: eurozone banking sector credit structure data sources: Wind, PRIME. Figure 3: the euro area government revenue expenditure accounted for the proportion of GDP data sources: Wind, PRIME. Figure 4: eurozone unemployment data source: Wind, PRIME. Table 1:EBA CET1 stress test results data source: EBA, PRIME. Two, still need to be alert to local black swan event local debt haze has not completely dissipated. Europe and the United States (PIIGS) and Croatia, Romania and other countries of the NPL ratio is still high (Figure 5), the short term is difficult to digest. In the case of Italy, where the market is concerned, the unemployment rate is much better than in other parts of Europe (Figure 6). And since the end of 2015, government debt accounted for the proportion of GDP does not fall or rise, the rate has reached a new high (Figure 7). This shows that the overall debt risk is gradually concentrated in Europe, the structural differences between the countries intensified. Political risk may accelerate the bank